Time is ready for a real holistic cybersecurity approach - converged SIEM leads the way

Jesper Zerlang, CEO at Logpoint is just back from RSA Conference in San Francisco. We had the opportunity to chat with him to hear the highlights from RSA Conference and ask why its important to have a SIEM solution along with SOAR and UEBA functionality.

Hello Jesper Zerlang, CEO at Logpoint

Jesper Zerlang_CEO_Logpoint

- Quite recently, with the release of Logpoint 7, Logpoint included SOAR in their security platform. Tell us more about this!

- Logpoint 7 really signifies a groundbreaking shift and a redefinition of the SIEM category. The Logpoint Converged SIEM offering eliminates the complexity of operating SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, and security for business-critical applications as point solutions. We’re the only vendor to seamlessly integrate advanced security analytics, automated investigation, and response based on a unified, high-quality data foundation. It reduces time-to-value and increases cybersecurity efficiency.

- What’s the value of having SIEM and SOAR in one unified solution?

- With Logpoint Converged SIEM, we’ve are covering both security analytics and security operations, and have added holistic response to our advance detection capabilities. We’re dealing with security incidents end to end. The classification, investigation, and remediation of incidents are provided by the fully integrated SOAR component enabling case management and supporting collaboration within a cybersecurity team. It’s a seamless integration and SOAR is no longer an expensive and clunky detached point solution. 

- Almost half of all cyberattacks target small medium enterprises. Organizations that traditionally have not invested enough in advanced IT security. What is your recommendation to companies that is under the misconception that SIEM, SOAR & UEBA solutions are too complex and expensive for them?

- With Logpoint Converged SIEM we’re relieving organizations of all sizes from having to configure, operate, and maintain siloed solutions. We simplify their security operations setup, making it more efficient and affordable. SOAR and UEBA are must-have technologies to defend any organization against today’s threats efficiently. This is why SOAR is embedded in the Logpoint Converged SIEM solution with no added cost.

- Over 425.000 organisations use SAP, the biggest ERP-system in the world which make SAP a highly interesting target for cyber criminals. What’s Logpoint’s recommendation for protecting SAP systems from fraud and cyberattacks?

 - First and foremost, it’s imperative that SAP security is an embedded part of your overall cybersecurity operation. Traditionally, SAP security has been siloed and run separately from the overall cybersecurity infrastructure. I suggest that companies embed our Converged SIEM solution for SAP which add advanced analytical capabilities, the ML-powered Behaviorial Analytics, remediation and response to the SAP environment. Modern and data-driven CFO’s recognize this need and welcome the Logpoint focus to protect the SAP landscape.

- Why is security for SAP such a big focus for Logpoint?

- Consider the scale! 87% of global commerce is generated by companies running SAP. 99 of the 100 largest companies in the world are SAP customers. SAP is a backbone platform, not only in business but also in many public organizations. We need to vigorously defend this critical infrastructure from cyberattacks and fraud. At Logpoint we have invested significantly in developing SAP security capabilities. We’re the only SIEM vendor that offers native integration with SAP, enabling a holistic approach to cybersecurity across the enterprise.

- RSA Conference normally attracts almost 50.000 IT professionals. What is your greatest take away from RSAC 2022?

- My key takeaway is that the cybersecurity market is crisis resistant and that a key value driver from customers is automation and that investments in detection and response are on the rise. The digitalization journey in the modern world is being accelerated by Covid19 and companies are searching for Cybersecurity solution that support these massive new digital investments across the entire business landscape. Compliance frameworks in both the EU (NIS2) and US are also driving the need to have solutions that both detect and provide response when data is breached and not least providing reporting capabilities when the organizations gets compromised. The Logpoint converged SIEM platform is at the heart of these trends.

- How was being back at RSA Conference 2022 in San Francisco?

 - It was amazing to be back at RSA. It is truly the epicenter of the cybersecurity industry, and while it has been a few years since we were here because of the pandemic, it was like coming home.

 - Who is in the picture from RSA Conference?

 - These are some of my lovely colleagues from Logpoint that worked at the Logpoint stand at RSAC. From the left: Jason Diesel , Jack Sullivan, Matt Paddon, Emily Worth and Brian Driscoll

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