Sophos SG 430 rev. 2 TotalProtect Plus, 2-year (EU power cord)

Sophos SG 430 rev. 2 TotalProtect Plus (EU power cord)

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  • Artikelnr: SP4322SEU
  • Lev artikelnr: SP4322SEU

Sophos firewalls are purpose-built, high-performance security solutions. They combine Sophos's security applications and a hardened operating system on optimized Intel-compatible server systems that can be adapted to any size of business.

The Sophos SG Firewall series is designed for optimal performance, designed for versatility and efficiency and, as a UTM firewall, meets all safety requirements. The licences for firewall are modular and can be purchased individually or as a package.

Please please note for a new purchase that a bundle of hardware and FullGuard exists. The bundle is called TotalProtect (TotalProtect Plus incl. Sandstorm) and is separately discounted and more attractive in price as individual components.

means of the Sophos SG-Series Sizing Guides allow you to change the sizing of your firewall easier to assess. You can also order a free Request a 30-day trial.

Bundle components: FullGuard - Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Wireless Protection, Web Server Protection FullGuard Plus - Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Wireless Protection, Web Server Protection, Sandstorm Protection Total Protect - Appliance, Fullguard Subscriptions Total Protect Plus - Appliance, Fullguard Subscriptions, Sandstorm

Country of origin: Taiwan, ROC
End user type: STD
License Band: Kvantitet: unlimited
License type: Bundle
Product type: Hardware
Unit of measurement: Pieces
  • X629573,
  • X629944,
  • X680698
Power Device
Power Consumption Operational: K05905_U00104
Nominal Voltage: K79654
Frequency Required: K01491_U00043
Type: K472087
Product family: MME
License program: SO-UTM
Interface Provided
  • X123564,
  • X13949,
  • X318616,
  • X322807,
  • X495193,
  • X553635,
  • X84310
ECCN: 5A002A1A
Tariff no.: 85176200
UNSPSC: 811814000000
Connectivity Technology:
  • K01032
Data Link Protocol:
  • K01382,
  • K01395,
  • K04746,
  • K55312
  • K04459,
  • K10197,
  • K107574,
  • K324470,
  • K49328
Type: K107576
Form Factor: K03921
  • X634384,
  • X634398,
  • X664901,
  • X680401
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature: K02534_U00140
Humidity Range Operating: K300036
Max Operating Temperature: K02076_U00140
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