Sophos UTM SW Wireless Protection - UP TO 25 USERS - 12 MOS - RENEWAL Renewal

Sophos UTM SW Wireless Protection - UP TO 25 USERS - REN

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Sophos firewalls are purpose-built, high-performance security solutions. They combine Sophos's security applications and a hardened operating system on optimized Intel-compatible server systems that can be adapted to any size of business.

The Sophos SG Firewall series is designed for optimal performance, designed for versatility and efficiency and, as a UTM firewall, meets all safety requirements. The licences for firewall are modular and can be purchased individually or as a package.

Please please note for a new purchase that a bundle of hardware and FullGuard exists. The bundle is called TotalProtect (TotalProtect Plus incl. Sandstorm) and is separately discounted and more attractive in price as individual components.

means of the Sophos SG-Series Sizing Guides allow you to change the sizing of your firewall easier to assess. You can also order a free Request a 30-day trial.

For software and virtual appliances, the performance class is defined by the number of licensed "users/users" or "concurrent connections". For the purposes of Sophos UTM software licensing, "Users" (also referred to as "Users") are workstations, clients, servers, and other devices that have an IP address and are protected by or receive a service from the Sophos Gateway. Once a "User" communicates with or through the Gateway, its IP address is added to the list of licensed devices in the local database of the Gateway. There is no distinction between whether the 'user' is communicating with the internet or a device on another LAN segment. DNS or DHCP requests to the gateway are also counted. If multiple users communicate through a single machine with only one IP address (such as mail server or web proxy), each user is counted as a separate user. The licensing mechanism uses only data from the last seven days. If an IP address has not been used in the last seven days, it is removed from the database. When the licensed users are reached, the administrator first receives a warning message. If the tolerance limit of 10% above the licensed number is then also reached, he will receive another warning message and all other users (new IP addresses) will be blocked by the Sophos gateway.

Sophos UTM Wireless Protection simplifies the operation of secure and reliable wireless networks. The Sophos UTM appliance acts as a wireless controller, automatically sets up and configures access points which you can easily monitor and manage, saving you time and resources.
  • Plug and Play deployment
    When you plug in the access point anywhere on your network the Sophos UTM appliance automatically and instantly shows the installation.
  • Central management
    Manage all access points and wireless clients in your central Sophos UTM appliance through the built-in wireless controller.
  • Integrated security
    Instantly protect all wireless clients through complete security provided by the central Sophos UTM appliance.
  • Strong encryption
    Support of state-of-the-art Wi-Fi security protocols ensures the wireless connection is completely secure.
  • Placement choice
    All access points can be placed anywhere in your organization. The wireless signal will cover the whole office.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
    Easily set up various types of wired and wireless hotspots to grant temporary Internet access.
Country of origin: USA
End user type: STD
License type: Renewal
Product type: Software
Unit of measurement: Licenses
Product family: MME
License program: SO-UTM
ECCN: 5D002C1

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