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Trend Micro Apex Central Advanced Edition, Renew, Normal, 251-500 User License,12 months

Trend Micro Apex Central Adv-REN

Tillgänglig, leverans beräknas ta 2-3 arbetsdagar

  • Artikelnr: TM00363556
  • Lev artikelnr: TM00363556
License Band

Maximum protection against new threats! A combination of cross-generational technologies offers protection against ever new threats - with the right technology at the right time.

Centralised security management helps you bridge the IT and SOC silos that often separate protection levels and deployment models. This connected and centralised approach improves visibility, provides greater protection, reduces complexity and eliminates unnecessary, repetitive security management tasks. It provides your organisation with greater security and simplifies day-to-day operations. Visual timelines allow you to view patterns of threat activity for users on all devices and across enterprise groups, closing security gaps.

Centralize threat and data protection policy management across multiple layers of your IT infrastructure, streamlining administration and providing more consistent enforcement. Customizable data displays provide the visibility and situational awareness you need to rapidly understand your security posture, identify threats, and respond to incidents.
  • Centrally manages threat and data policies
    Ensures consistency across distributed environments - streamlines security administration, automatically ensures policy enforcement for added clients and creates and deploys anti-malware policies to multiple servers at one time.
  • Improves enterprise-wide visibility
    Rapidly understand your security posture, identify threats, and respond to incidents - delivers up-to-the-minute situational awareness across your IT infrastructure, provides cross-product views of security events and data protection policy violations and improves your ability to identify and respond to threats as they occur.
  • Extends data-centric protection across the enterprise
    Configure policies from a central console for multiple layers of security - delivers consistent policy enforcement with a single central console, easily integrates data protection into existing infrastructure, saves resources with no management footprint and minimal client impact and demonstrates due diligence in data privacy compliance.
Country of origin: Unknown
End user type: STD
License type: Renewal
Product type: Software
Unit of measurement: Licenses
Product family: TMVEWWM6XLIULR
License program: Enterprise

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