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Trend Micro Deep Security - VMware NSX Bundle - Enterprise - per CPU (Socket), Add. Vol, Normal, 1-10 License,12 months

Trend Micro DS VMware NSX Bundle Enterprise-ADD

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  • Artikelnr: DX01000878
  • Lev artikelnr: DX01000878
License Band

Virtualisation has already changed data centres dramatically and more and more companies are moving all or part of their workloads to private and public clouds. To reap the benefits of hybrid cloud computing, your security solution must provide protection for all your servers - physical, virtual and cloud-based.
The security solution should also not degrade system performance, VM density or the return on your virtualisation and cloud computing investment. Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ provides comprehensive protection in a solution designed specifically for virtualised and cloud environments to prevent security breaches or performance degradation..

Country of origin: Unknown
End user type: STD
License type: New
Product type: Software
Unit of measurement: Licenses
Product family: DX3AMMMAXZZCLA
License program: Enterprise

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