WatchGuard Trade up to WatchGuard Firebox M290 with 3-yr Basic Security Suite

WatchGuard Trade up to WatchGuard Firebox M290 with 3-yr Basic Security Suite

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  • Artikelnr: WGM29002003
  • Lev artikelnr: WGM29002003

WatchGuard Firebox is a comprehensive advanced network security platform that puts IT security professionals back in charge of their networks with widely deployable, enterprise-grade security and threat visibility tools suitable for any organization, regardless of budget, size, or complexity.

1U rackmount, total security appliances with screaming fast performance ideal for midsize and distributed enterprise organizations.

The Firebox M290 firewalls are specifically engineered to defend all types of small businesses against attacks that are no less fierce than those targeting larger organizations.

WatchGuard Firebox M290 – 1.18 Gbps UTM with full scan;  696 Mbps HTTPS w/IPS; 5.8 Gbps Firewall (UDP 1518); 8 Gb Ethernet interfaces, optional network module with fiber available; 75 BOVPN, 75 Mobile VPN IPSec and SSL tunnels

The Basic Security Suite includes all of the traditional network security services typical to a UTM appliance: IPS, antivirus, URL filtering, application control, spam blocking and reputation lookup. It also includes our centralized management and network visibility capabilities, as well as our standard 24x7 support.

End user type: EDU, GOV, STD
License Band: Kvantitet: unlimited
Product type: Hardware
Unit of measurement: Pieces
  • X1101980,
  • X1101981,
  • X630780,
  • X633561,
  • X634388,
  • X951141
Power Device
Power Consumption Operational: K02238_U00104
Power Provided: K03060_U00104
Nominal Voltage: K369351
Voltage Required: K131310_U00058
Type: K472087
Interface Provided
  • X12331,
  • X84310,
  • X88519
Ports Qty: 8
Connectivity Technology:
  • K01032
Data Link Protocol:
  • K01382,
  • K01395,
  • K04746
Routing Protocol:
  • K240540,
  • K42833,
  • K43691,
  • K49317,
  • K49318,
  • K75996
Remote Management Protocol:
  • K01418,
  • K107339,
  • K280957,
  • K50852,
  • K80511
Network / Transport Protocol:
  • K01403,
  • K01409,
  • K220693,
  • K220694,
  • K224265,
  • K224266,
  • K224270,
  • K228546,
  • K304787,
  • K58142
  • K107574,
  • K109022,
  • K121259,
  • K19492,
  • K208517,
  • K212622,
  • K217289,
  • K244034,
  • K244762,
  • K252770,
  • K257507,
  • K257508,
  • K257509,
  • K257510,
  • K320749,
  • K339149,
  • K423124,
  • K552202,
  • K630419,
  • K702648,
  • K75644,
  • K75856,
  • K75993,
  • K80927,
  • K878213,
  • K97118
Compliant Standards:
  • K51118
Type: K107576
Form Factor: K00231
  • X1101974,
  • X1101975,
  • X1101976,
  • X1101977,
  • X1101978,
  • X1101979
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature: K02534_U00140
Humidity Range Operating: K302328
Max Operating Temperature: K02076_U00140